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"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" - John 3:16

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Image of entrance to Jimtown Kennels

Entrance of Jimtown Kennels

Image of the inside of Jimtown Kennels

Inside of Jimtown Kennels

Image of the inside of Jimtown Kennels

Inside of Jimtown Kennels

Image of inside of jimtown Kennels

Inside of Jimtown Kennels

We take our customer care very seriously. While our aim is to make our website easy to understand and navigate we know there are times when you may need a bit of assistance.

For customer support or assistance:

We will respond to you within 24 hours, during regular business hours. All email correspondence is completely confidential. Jimtown Kennels customers may also use our telephone support center to contact a service representative during regular business hours:

Live Customer Care Center: 1-319-750-8018
Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 6:00pm (CST)
Saturday and Sunday please call 1-319-750-8018 or 1-319-392-8433 if you need to leave a message. A customer representative will contact you within 24 hours of the first business day.

FAX: 1-319-392-8433

Mailing address:
Jimtown Kennels
Attention: Bob & Margie Sink
21084 145th St.
Danville, IA 52623

Locate Us:

Map of Jimtown Kennels located at 21084 145th Street, Danville, Iowa, 52623


Highway 34 East coming from New London, Iowa. Watch for mile marker 248 and take first left. Cross tracks and go straight at stop sign. Jimtown Kennels will be the first house on your left. Kennels are behind loft!

Highway 34 West coming from Danville, Iowa. Watch for mile marker 249 and take second right. Cross tracks and go straight at stop sign. Jimtown Kennels will be the first house on your left. Kennels are behind loft!

Terms and Conditions

HEALTH GUARANTEE: The puppy chosen from “Jimtown Kennels” is guaranteed healthy at the time of purchase. The puppy being purchased has received at least three (3) de-worming treatments and has been vaccinated against Parvovirus-NeoPar, Combination vaccine (Parvovirus Distemper, Adenovirus Type 1 and Type 2, Para Influenza).

The “Terms” of this “Health Guarantee” will be honored provided the “Buyer” meets the following terms and conditions:

1. “Buyer” must take the puppy to a veterinarian within three (3) days of the purchase for a physical and fecal examination.

2. Upon examination, “Buyer” will report any serious health problems to “Jimtown Kennels” within 24 hours of the initial examination. A signed statement from the veterinarian outlining all details of the health issues must be provided to “Jimtown Kennels” upon request.

3. If a puppy is returned after the initial examination with a serious health problem “Jimtown Kennels” will replace the puppy with a puppy of equal value when a replacement becomes available subject to the following:

A. English Bulldog.
The “Health Guarantee” does not cover, what in the “Bulldog” breed are considered to be common traits or abnormalities that can arise at anytime in the “Bulldog’s” life, such as Cherry Eye, or “Démodex” mange which is the low resistance of the hair follicles to mites common to all breeds of dogs, elongated sofa palate, and stenotic snare, and hernias of any type.

B. Hip Dysphasia
The “Health Guarantee” does not cover Hip Dysphasia. “Jimtown Kennels” has a OFA Rating on all of our breeding dogs. All have a rating of Fair, Good, and Excellent. Hip Dysphasia can also be caused by the wrong nutrition and /or rough play with your puppy or dog.

4. No replacement puppy or refund will be given to anyone if the puppy has been spayed or neutered before the puppy is six (6) months of age or older.

FIRST YEAR: If death occurs due to genetic health problems within the first year of purchase, “Jimtown Kennels” will replace the lost puppy with another puppy from “Jimtown Kennels” of equal value as soon as a replacement becomes available, provided the terms of the “Health Guarantee” have been met and a signed certificate from the veterinarian is presented showing regular treatments, proper vaccinations and that Nu-Vet vitamins were given and an explanation of cause of death.

NU-VET VITAMINS: Nu-Vet‘s Vitamins can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Nu-Vet Labs or by calling 800-474-7044. When ordering if you setup the Auto Ship Program you will save 15% off the wholesale price and your order will automatically ship at predetermined intervals. It’s easy and saves you money!

PARASITES: With the nature of parasites, “Jimtown Kennels” does not guarantee the puppy will be free of worms or other parasites, including coccidia, but that every measure possible has been taken to assure that the puppies will be parasite free.

TEMPERAMENT: “Jimtown Kennels” sells a puppy as a family pet and/or for hunting quality prospects. “Buyer” understands that No guarantee can be made as to a puppies temperament. Puppies learn what they are taught.

SALES: ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No refund will be issued except as specified in this “Purchase Agreement”.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: If the “terms and conditions” of this ” Purchase Agreements” are not fulfilled, this “Purchase Agreement” is VOID.

“Buyer” agrees that he/she understands this “Purchase Agreement” fully, and that this “Purchase Agreement ” is governed under the Jurisdiction of the State of Iowa. It is a agreed that the place of venue for litigation under this “Purchase Agreement” is Des Moines County Iowa.